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If you are looking to connect to the Big Sur Cloud with a Windows Desktop. All you need to know is your “Cloud Address”, it will look something like Customername.bigsurcloud.com:8675309 – the HelpDesk or the Big Sur Team can help you locate your cloud Address. In almost every case its a name followed by a “:” (Colon) then a “specific number”. This name and number never changes. In some cases you must be on a VPN to connect to the Cloud, If you are unsure, call the helpdesk and they can help you. Once you know your cloud address.

If you are a MAC user, follow this article -> http://support.bigsurtech.com/2013/10/how-to-connect-to-the-cloud-from-a-mac/

If you are a Mobile User, Follow this article -> http://support.bigsurtech.com/2013/07/big-sur-tech-tip-how-to-use-pocket-cloud-to-gain-access-to-your-mycloud-server/  

mstsc1  mstsc2

To connect to the cloud, click on start or Run and type in MSTSC, then click ok.

Put in your “cloud address” into the box and click connect. Then click Connect – On the next screen you will see the login. Login with your ID and Password and you will be all set. When you are done, click start, and logout. Here is a page that talks about how to cleanly logout of your cloud session -> http://support.bigsurtech.com/How-To-Login-And-Out