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Who We Serve

Who Do We Serve? YOU. Proven IT Consulting and Services.

We provide IT consulting and services to businesses and nonprofits in a variety of industries, and we have a significant depth of experience in:


Tailor-Made IT. Solutions for You.

IT consulting and services are not one-size-fits-all. Each client’s individual needs and industry regulations and requirements are considered and factored when we collaborate with you to create an IT strategy to help you achieve your business goals and success.

In healthcare, it’s HIPPA. In legal, it’s compliance and penetration testing reports. With government, there are cybersecurity regulations. And in each industry, there are specific systems, tools, apps and software unique to operations.

Customized IT Consulting, Services and Solutions

What we do, from how we operate to the culture we create for our team, is built around alignment with your needs, business growth and goals. Big Sur empowers you with worry-free, managed IT services so that you can drive your business while we make IT a smooth ride.

We look forward to serving YOU.

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