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About My Paper Pusher, LLC:

Founded in 2013, My Paper Pusher is a full-service bookkeeping company that offers services to growing businesses and nonprofits throughout the country. It empowers leaders to work ON their business rather than IN their business by providing expert bookkeeping services — giving leaders back their precious time, energy and resources to focus on revenue-generating activities.


Reliable Help Desk

My Paper Pusher management invested considerable time in supporting IT needs. It required a proactive, responsive and highly available help desk. Support was needed to troubleshoot day-to-day problems and save management’s time to focus on clients rather than IT operations.

Stay On Top of Emerging Technology

A partner was needed to keep up with industry best practices and changes. My Paper Pusher wanted an advocate who would proactively maintain its hardware and software functionality and capability and evaluate and propose new solutions as technology emerged and changed.

Agile, Well-Rounded Technology Expertise

My Paper Pusher meets its clients where they are, tailoring bookkeeping processes for each client. It relies on adaptability to a variety of technology and software platforms to avoid burdensome workflows. This flexibility also allows it to gather and evaluate best practices.
Ability to Scale and Grow

Its technology solutions and support had to equip My Paper Pusher to scale and grow rapidly and meet its clients’ expectations. It needed technology and support solutions to enable changes over time that were also easy for staff to learn and implement with client processes.

System Uptime

System and server availability and redundancies were essential to allow the My Paper Pusher team and clients to connect through a cloud-based platform. Previously, it experienced server downtime several minutes each week, interrupting workflow, focus and productivity.

Robust Security Strategy

Keeping client financial information private and secure is core to My Paper Pusher’s brand, success and reputation. A cybersecurity strategy was needed that was proactive, built on best practices and able to evolve to stay ahead of changing risks and threats.


My Paper Pusher began working with Big Sur in 2018. The first step was an evaluation of its hardware, software and cloud platform and a security analysis and vulnerability assessment. My Paper Pusher’s priorities were moving to a fully virtual cloud working environment, improved server uptime, a proactive cybersecurity strategy and support from a full-service help desk.

Big Sur migrated My Paper Pusher’s work environment to the cloud, allowing it to seamlessly serve its clients across different platforms, software and virtually across the country. This increased flexibility and capability made it well-positioned to respond to clients’ changing needs, especially during the pandemic.

Big Sur also migrated My Paper Pusher’s work environment to a new server with increased stability, availability and redundancy. The improved uptime enabled it to have greater confidence in serving its clients and the ability to access its work environment, files and data without worry or interruption.

As part of Big Sur’s security analysis and vulnerability assessment, a cybersecurity plan tailored to meet My Paper Pushers’ specific use cases and needs was developed and implemented. For example, new types of two-factor authentication and upgrades of email quarantining and screening, which are low-cost and easy-to-use features, were added to its system. Best-of-breed solutions and best practices were leveraged, allowing My Paper Pusher to secure its clients’ financial information even as security risks and threats evolve. The cybersecurity tools are maintained and updated on a regular basis — from firewall protection and security monitoring to vulnerability and penetration testing.

Big Sur’s help desk engineers came to My Paper Pusher’s rescue.

The help desk provides it with 24/7/365 support and remote support and remediation. Engineers develop a relationship with clients so that they know My Paper Pusher’s team, operating system, hardware, software and unique needs. From simple password resets to troubleshooting software updates, the help desk is available and accessible to support My Paper Pusher rapidly and reliably. Engineers are trained on an ongoing basis so that their knowledge and expertise grows and changes with the market, technology and My Paper Pusher’s needs.




Client Retention


Annual Growth

“My Paper Pusher was the Tampa Chamber 2018 Small Business of the Year,
and we enjoy significant annual growth. Our partnership with Big Sur is integral to our success. Their proactive approach has helped our business build a solid foundation upon which to scale and grow. Our mantra is – why be average when you can be awesome! Big Sur reflects that and our commitment to excellence.”

Samantha E. Abraham

CEO & Co-Founder


My Paper Pusher describes the help desk as life changing. The engineers are knowledgeable and willing to problem solve and deliver rapid resolutions to problems, saving management’s time.

The help desk performance has improved My Paper Pusher’s overall operational efficiency and team morale, knowing that they have the support and tools needed to succeed.

Server uptime has increased to provide 99.99% accessibility and availability.

Migration to a cloud-based environment was achieved prior to the pandemic, allowing My Paper Pusher’s operation to run smoothly with no interruption of service. It has also been able to provide turn-key support to its clients to transition and adapt their accounting workflows to virtual work environments.

Due to its ability to quickly mobilize and dedicate its resources to clients, My Paper Pusher helped clients secure PPP and EIDL loans while competitors scrambled to transition operations and service delivery.

Services can be provided on-site at a client’s office, at My Paper Pusher’s offices or from its team’s home offices with peace of mind of having a robust IT infrastructure, secure technology and the flexibility to share and store sensitive information easily and quickly.

My Paper Pusher has a 94% client retention rate and has grown its business by over 25% every year. Big Sur’s IT solutions and support have enabled it to scale and grow confidently and maintain a high level of service to its clients.

Continuous security updates and new solutions are proposed and implemented to stay ahead of the latest cybersecurity threats to protect My Paper Pusher’s hardware, software, email and cloud working environment.

Security solutions are user friendly, and My Paper Pusher can handle financial information confidently, representing to clients its robust security capabilities.


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