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Cloud Hosting

Private Cloud Hosting to Accelerate Your Business Goals

Is more of your team working remotely? Have private cloud hosting services become increasingly essential to your business?

Before COVID-19, technology and cloud innovation were creating digital transformations in many industries. Now, businesses are increasing the speed of that transformation to pivot and adjust operations, including moving to private cloud hosting.


Scale Smart. Save Time and Money.

The good news? Private cloud hosting will set you up for success today —  long term. It will increase your agility, flexibility, performance, responsiveness and ability to scale your business. Also, it saves you money and time.

Big Sur serves hundreds of clients, and our 20+ years of experience with engineering and configuring private cloud hosting offers you unique, game-changing results.

Private Cloud Hosting.
The Difference.

On-Premises Hosting

  • Server storage costs
  • Server maintenance, support, upgrade costs
  • Server software and license costs
  • Server lifecycle and replacement costs
  • Capacity and scaling limited
  • Deceased connectivity, inability to work from anywhere
  • Decreased availability, resilience, continuity with downtime
  • Disaster recovery and cost
  • Security costs

Private Cloud Hosting

  • Fully managed and automated environment
  • Maintenance, service, 24/7 support
  • Easy to use and scale
  • Mobilize your people to work from anywhere
  • Leverages cloud technology, offering solutions available only on cloud
  • Increased availability, resilience, continuity, downtime in 10+ years zero
  • You control your data
  • Disaster recovery is obsolete
  • Managed security


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