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International Community

Helping others is more than a corporate philosophy, it’s a personal one.

In the IT universe, our reach is global. So it only makes sense that Big Sur would also commit its outreach to encompass an international footprint.

As we do in our business, we believe it is important to have a personal touch with our efforts. Our President and CEO Sam Sandusky makes the journey to directly impact areas that need help the most. Past efforts have included outfitting a Haitian school with donated PCs for a mobile technical training center designed to equip young adults with practical technical knowledge, as well as refitting a deteriorating radio station with a more modernized transmitter and improved technology. We have also helped a local initiative to mobilize nearly 275,000 meals to help feed Haiti’s hungry.

Big Sur has joined with other partners to empower small business owners in Haiti through microloans. Led by 3 Strand Cord Global Foundation, these loans are combined with practical business advice, including vetting from a panel including our CEO, and incorporate thorough accountability to create sustainable, repeatable business models for aspiring entrepreneurs.

We find these trips to be remarkably rewarding, and encourage participation from all those who feel the desire to see the impact we can have on developing nations, communities and businesses. Big Sur is thankful to our clients, vendors, and dedicated employees who make it all possible.

CEO Sam Sandusky traveled to Haiti to impart business advice and empower local business owners with the help of microloans. He helped serve a meal to the community, cooked by local women to feed 300 at only one dollar per plate.


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