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Big Sur Hybrid Mini Vault – Demo and Details Page

Big Sur Hybrid Mini Vault – Demo and Details Page

This page contains information to show you what the Big Sur Hybrid Mini Vault is. The Vault is powered by Datto’s Alto Hardware. The Vault is is NOT a file level backup to cloud product. Its a Whole Server Disaster Recovery Backup to Cloud Product. The extremely compact Micro PC form factor means that it can live right on the desktop, attached to the back of a monitor, or anywhere else on the LAN. The device can backup Servers and/or important desktops.

Dramatically Reduce Downtime – Our hybrid cloud technology dramatically reduces downtime by saving backups both locally and in the cloud. This gives users greater protection for their systems and data through advanced bandwidth management, local restoration, and full cloud data copies.

Eliminate Broken Backup Chains – With Datto’s proprietary Inverse Chain Technology, you can recover faster. Recovery isn’t delayed by the need to apply incremental backups to your last full backup file. Datto has already done it for you, and because of this, you’re also free to delete your oldest backup files to free up space.

Stop Guessing About Backup Integrity – Datto’s Screenshot Backup Verification gives you visual proof that your data has been successfully backed up. You’ll receive a screenshot verification, giving you the confirmation that backups are without errors or data corruption. (Example is Here)

The Big Sur Hybrid Mini Vault is a part of the Big Sur BDR Family. This unit is targeted for 1 or 2 Server enviroments with under 350 Gig’s of Active Storage, for larger environments click here

This is an actual demo of a File Restore and an “Instant Virtualization”


This video explains what “Instant Virtualization” Is.

This video explains Traditional Backup vs Business Continuity

Bootable Screenshot
One of our most favorite features is each night, the backup will BOOT the server to ensure it loads windows correctly. Above is an email that it sends. Does your backup send you emails that it tested your backup and actually booted it into windows? I highly doubt it 🙂

Want a copy of the Info Sheet? Click Here

Want the Datasheet? Click Here

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Charles Love has been working in the IT Support and Consulting field since 1997. Before IT, Charles was working on his FAA A&P Airline Mechanic Certification in Queens, New York. Charles' first managed services position was in 2001 on Farmingdale, Long Island, back then MSP's were called Solution Providers. Throughout his career he has provided valuable consulting to various types of customers and technologies throughout North America. Charles started out as the first Big Sur full-time hire of the now rapidly increasing technical support team. As Director of Service and Cloud Operations, Charles' role includes developing new and streamlined processes for all of Big Sur's offerings and leading Big Sur's highly talented team of engineers.