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Tampa, Florida,March 2, 2020– Information Technology services provider Big Sur Technologies announced today the hiring of Steven Benson as its newest Level 1 Customer Support Engineer. Benson is a Customer Support Engineer with over 3 years of experience at an Internet Service Provider. Steven Benson first joined the ISP in 2017, where he managed the customer experience by troubleshooting internet service connections. Benson is skilled in a variety of tasks from managed broadband, internet applications, managed Wi-Fi, and most importantly providing the best customer experience in the timely resolution of internet difficulties.

The recruitment of Steven Benson to our Customer Support family further advances our goals of continuing to provide industry leading IT services to our clients in the Greater Tampa Bay Area. Our fixation with customer service has earned us top customer service reviews.

We achieved these reviews by providing the best customer experience in the industry. Each of our customer support engineers are seasoned professionals with at least ten years of tenure in their profession. Our engineering staff have a combined fifty years of experience in the engineering and maintenance of Information Technology services. We train our staff to manage every facet of your project from the first consultation to the final installation of your infrastructure.

We are further aware that modernizing your infrastructure is only the beginning of the complex job of IT services management. We know that many organizations rely on their IT services to manage their operational processes and achieve business success. However, we know that many service providers are still anchored in the antiquated philosophy that customer care management is the handling of incident tickets. While it is still important for IT service providers to furnish blazing fast responses to customer complaints, it is also critical to stay ahead of the curve.

In our previous post we investigated the ramifications of Microsoft ending Windows 7 support. At Big Sur we recognize the importance of intelligently recognizing problems before they come to a head for your business. The slow obsolescence of software and technology present a much underappreciated hazard to the prosperity of a business. With the recruitment of Steve Benson we are excited to further grow our capacities for anticipating customer complaints as well as responding to incident tickets.

Big Sur is an industry leader in the administration of IT services for small to large businesses. We provide our MYCLOUD IT service to schools, corporations, hospitals, and local governments with guaranteed 99.9 percent reliability. It is our business to provide your enterprise with high-speed internet solutions that are impenetrable to the worst events that hackers and nature can throw at your business. We are experts at customizing internet infrastructure to best suit the needs of our customers.

Senior Consultant Erika Maita can be reached for comment at Erika@bigsurtech.com