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Big Sur Tech Tampa Florida -Microsoft-Windows-7-End-of-LifeManaging the End of Windows 7 – Last month Microsoft announced that 2020 would be the closing act for their wildly popular Windows 7 OS. This ending has been seven years in the making following the OS’s first removal from all new PCs. The obsolescence of Windows 7 opens PCs to new malware risks but there are measures that you can take to reduce these problems. 


Windows 7 is still an admired operating system with an estimated 200 million users globally by ZDNet estimates. Ubergizmo has said that Microsoft would continue to provide tech support for Windows 7 for a further three years at a cost. This extended service is only available for corporate customers. Organizations that are unable to pay the fees are at increased risk of malware and viruses. At Big Sur we are in the business of providing our customers the best options for maintaining their Windows 7 until the end of its life in 2023.

With the official ending of Windows 7 you could be considering purchasing an entirely new PC. We are aware that upgrades can be a very expensive prospect for many businesses. Part of the enduring allure of Windows 7 is its versatility in running critical features on very lean computers. It is this resilience that has led to its application in many specialized industrial applications.


Disable Windows Update

Your first task towards managing the end of Windows 7 is to disable any further updates. It is the default feature of Windows to automatically update to the most current version. You can prevent this by adjusting the “Group Settings” of your PC. Another more conventional option is to disable the feature from inside via System Configuration setting. Windowsreport recommends executing these steps:

  1. Select Computer Configurations
  2. Choose Policies
  3. Pick Administrative Templates
  4. Select Windows Updates
  5. Turn off any further updates.


Reinforce Security Features

Big Sur Tech - Tampa Florida Microsoft-Windows-Upgrade-or-ReplaceWith the updates removed your computer is at increased risk to new malware, ransomware, and viruses. You need to reinforce your security immediately and this is mandatory to continue to operate Windows 7.

  1. Install the latest and best antivirus software on your computer.
  2. Configure the PC to automatically backup data at least once a week to guard against malware.
  3. Install and configure a GWX control panel to block any unrequested updates
  4. Consider your options for custom upgrades.

With these improvements you can continue to use Windows 7 with caution on the internet. Modern anti-virus software can’t completely eliminate all threats.


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