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If you use our Big Sur hosted PBX Offering then you get access to our Internet Based Faxing System. You should have been given instructions on how to install the faxing program on your computer. Once you do, there will be a printer on your computer called “Upload New Fax” – This is going to be how you fax a document. The Printer “Upload New Fax” will be available via any program you run. You will see it in Quickbooks, Word, Excel, Outlook, Notepad, Etc.

To Fax, “Print” and pick the “Upload New Fax Printer” and hit Print


Then it will open the Upload New Fax Program (It maybe blinking on the task bar) Put in your fax at the bottom, and click Send. Thats it.

How to manage your fax account

So to manage your fax account, go here and login with the fax number and password provided by Big Sur Tech. This is optional, below are the settings I highly recommend you set. You get to the notifications via the personal info tab, and notification.