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We had a customer in a certified LEED Green Building with AT&T Mobile Phone issues. One of the features of the building is some energy efficient special reflective film on all of the windows on the building. The downside of the film on the window is is cell reception can not pass through the windows. The building does offer a very comprehensive Building Wide Cell Service extender for AT&T, and Verizon, but currently the AT&T Module is down and is not working. There is an ETA of 3 to 4 weeks for the part to be installed.This causes a problem for the customer.

The problem here is business must continue without the employees running outside to make a call. In this scenario, only a hand full of people use AT&T. 5 To be exact, so we ordered and installed the MicroCell at the customer’s site. It went in pretty easy. The hardest part was getting the device by a window to pickup GPS signal. Once it had one, we were able to relocate it to anywhere in the office. You have to tie the device to someone’s AT&T Account. Usage while connected to the AT&T MicroCell will count against your underlying wireless device rate plan. There is an optional Unlimited MicroCell Calling feature which will provide you unlimited voice minutes while connected to an AT&T MicroCel. So be sure you know this before you start.

Who ever ties the device to their AT&T account will need to be able to login, and add people’s phone numbers. Their AT&T Account will be the MicroCell Admin so choose wisely who gets the activation. When you have an AT&T phone that needs access, you have to enter their phone number into the account portal for the MicroCell, and reboot the persons phone while in the same room. When you reboot it should see the MicroCell for service, and your antenna should say M-Cell or MicroCell like the below.

Big Sur is not a retailer for this device, but we are able to get them for you with a partnership we have. If you would like help setting this up for your business, let us know. Just note, this is only meant to have 4 concurrent calls going. So only give access to those who need it. More FAQ’s are available here -> http://www.att.com/att/microcell/#features  This also ONLY works with AT&T.