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Small & Medium Businesses

Ad Partners, Inc.

  • Reliability
  • Trust & Integrity
  • High Availability

“What my Business Manager needs is different than what my Media Manager needs, and Big Sur understands that. Everybody in our agency has access to Big Sur through their Help Desk and when we call we get a live person, and that means a lot.”

Tony Ceresoli II, President | Ad Partners, Inc.

Animal & Bird Hospital of Clearwater

  • Cloud Solutions
  • Network Monitoring
  • Anti Virus Solutions
  • On-Site Support

“We use Big Sur’s Cloud Service their In-house Monitoring Service, and their Anti-virus Services. We also use the On-Site Support which is extremely important…when you’re in the middle of a crisis and you’re trying to run a business, you need that support immediately.”

Dr. Katherine Murphy, Owner | Animal & Bird Hospital of Clearwater


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