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If you ever need to get to the task manager to END a task, or see the CPU and Memory – Please press the Windows Key, and hit the R key.

This will bring up the “run” command, now to get into task manager, type in taskmgr.exe and then click ok.

On the applications tab, you can see what you are running. Find the “Stuck Process” and click it, then hit End Task. This will force close the application.


Now, to see if your machine is overloaded. Click on “Performance” here youc an see the CPU and Memory. On a terminal sever, you shoudl expect the memory to be in the 50% to 90% range. If you are ALWAYS sitting at 95% and above, the server will be slow. You should also expect the CPU to be jumping around. it should NEVER be consistantly above 50% if it is, there could be a process that needs to be ended. Chances are someone is going something, or a program is doing something unexpected. Again, it should jump.

This is a good example of a machine that’s maxed on CPU. if you see this call the HelpDesk and ask them to look for a “stuck Process” changes are you are slow.



CPU (Central processing unit), used to execute scripts, programs, and make complex calculations, even used in software rendering.

RAM (Random access memory), is used to temporarily store data/information, by the programs (software), usually having more then one block of ram, will result in increased speed, since the max speed of a given ram block is limited (Memory clock).