877-7BIGSUR | Support

Technical Support Phone Scams are on the rise again.We actually got another one yesterday (to the office no less) and spent some time having fun with them. Once they realized what was going on, they hung up. This is a big issue here. If you are a customer of Big Sur. Please remember that only Big Sur in Tampa. If you are ever unsure as to who is calling you – Hang up. If they call back and you want to verify their identity, please feel free to call the office @ 813-269-9145 x2 or our HelpDesk @ 813-990-0637 and let us help you to verify the person who is calling you is who they are.

Major companies will Never Ever call you directly. This means Microsoft, Dell, Adobe, HP, etc. They don’t outbound call you for support. They are not equipped for that. Even if the person calling you knows what computer model you have. Please hangup and don’t talk to them. If it happens to be a Big Sur Employee you will have a ticket in the system for the call.

During these calls, they ask you to install software so that they can connect to your PC. Think about it. If they are getting alerts from your PC, that means they have software already. They may ask you for credit card numbers. They may ask you for personal data. Ignore it all and hang up.

Here are some really good external articles about the issue. Please be safe out there!