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Big Sur is now offering for $299.00 A device called the Big Sur iReboot. The cost covers Hardware and Install. With the Big Sur iReboot, you are able to push a button to reboot the Firewall and Router. Whats even better is with the iReboot, YOU can reboot your internet yourselves, safely and securely. Lets face it, every so often you need to reboot your gateways. 10 out of 10 times, when you call support from your ISP the on hold music will advise you to reboot the modem and  firewall. Then when they get on the phone, if they see you have not done so, they will ask you to do it (or they will do it for you)

  • Its Safer, no one is poking around where they shouldn’t be.
  • It can do it on a schedule.
  • It can do it on demand.
  • it can reset the modem and firewall in the event of internet loss automatically.
  • Its easy to find.
  • You can be up without calling the HelpDesk or your internet provider.

Big Sur iReboot

Here is how it works. You plug the Firewall into Port #1, You plug your router into port #2, and we mount the device on the wall in an easily accessible area. In the event you ever want to reset the internet you simply push butt on #1, wait 10 seconds and Push Button #2. yes, its that easy 🙂

Want one? Let Charles Love know @ 813-405-3022