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How to connect to the cloud from a Mac

How to connect to the cloud from a Mac

Connecting to myCloud from OSx using Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

There are a few programs out there on the OSx to connect to myCloud. This document will only discuss one of them. Specific settings such as audio, printers, etc. for each program are outside to the scope of this document and must be refereed to the documentation for that program. You can download Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection from the APP store, just search for it by name.Once installed you will have the program icon in your Applications folder; just move it to your Dock.


Apple Desktop –
Apple Mobile (ipad/iphone) –
Google –


Microsoft Remote Desktop Connection

Open Remote Desktop Connection. And then + New

The Connection Name is cosmetic and you can put anything in there. Type in the myCloud server name and port number with a colon separating the name and port number under the PC name field.. For example, If you want type in the Credentials as least the user name.

(NOTE is NOT a real server. See the customer’s space for RDP info in an article called “How to Connect”) 

When filling out form, click the top left button to close out the screen.


Now just select the entry to connect.


Another dialog box may appear stating the server name on the certificate is incorrect. This will be normal. Go ahead and click Connect.


You now should be connected to myCloud.

To disconnect from myCloud, you have two options. If you are leaving for the day, you will need to log off myCloud gracefully. Just click on the Start button and click Log off. You should also see a Log Off icon on your Desktop.

If you will be reconnecting to myCloud after a short period of time, just go the RDC menu on top of the screen and select Quit RDC or Command+Q.


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