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No Spam Showing Unwanted Undesired Trash Mail

Welcome to the Big Sur Hosted Exchange Email Quarantine Info Page – Big Sur has partnered up with McAfee and Intel to provide you a powerful and robust email spam filtering solution. When it comes to your spam report you have 2 options. Option #1 (Preferred) is to wait for your email spam report that will send out at 9:00am and 4:00pm of each day. If there is spam in your quarantine, it will email it to you. On the report it will show you ALL items in your quarantine for the last 7 days. The quarantine will auto delete any item over 7 days, so if you do not check your report each day that’s ok, you have 7 days to release an item. If you do not have a copy of a previous report, then you will need to login to the MyServices Page Which is detailed on this page. Most customers find the Email Quarantine the easiest and fastest way to deal with the quarantine.

Email Quarantine that gets sent out each day @ 9a and 4p

This is what the daily report looks like. If you find something you want, click Release to allow it one time, or Allow to release it and never send it to the spam report.



We find most Customer’s prefer to just look at yesterday’s report and click on the “View List of All Quarantined Messages” – This will auto-log you into your quarantine without ever needing to go to the myServices Page.