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Through these stickers, users have got a better way to express themselves. There are funny stickers, sad stickers, angry stickers, and stickers for every mood. Users make best use of these while chatting and while commenting at another status. Just the way Facebook emoticons got very successful; these stickers are also in great hype and prevalent all across the social network.

But there is a section of users, who are not very fond of Facebook stickers and want to get rid of these in their comments. Understanding the need of such users, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox have launched Facebook extensions that are useful in this regard.

Getting Rid of Stickers in Google Chrome

There is an extension called ‘Unsticker Me’ available for the Google Chrome browser. You just need to install and it will start working instantly. The complete process of how to use it is as follows:

  1. Launch Google Chrome
  2. Open a new tab
  3. Write ‘Unsticker Me’ and press enter
  4. You will be taken to the extension page on the Chrome store
  5. Towards the top-right corner, you will see a button flashing “Free”
  6. Click on the button and initiate downloading of the extension
  7. Once, the extension gets downloaded; a prompt will seek your final permission that whether you want to add an extension to your browser
  8. Click on ‘Add’ to get the extension added to your browser
  9. Now, exit Google Chrome
  10. Then re-open it
  11. Go to the Facebook login page and enter to your account
  12. Head to any FB status of yours, where you have received stickers as a comment
  13. Click on that status and you will see that instead of the original sticker just the text “[sticker]” will appear.

Getting Rid of Stickers in Mozilla Firefox


If you are using Firefox, then perform the following steps to get rid of stickers from your Facebook comment.

  1. Launch Mozilla Firefox and open a new tab
  2. Write ‘Unsticker Me’ and press enter
  3. As the page loads, click on the button “Add to Firefox”
  4. This will initiate the downloading of the extension
  5. After the downloading gets complete, a prompt will seek your permission that whether you wish to install the extension
  6. Click on “Install Now” to get the extension installed in your browser
  7. After a successful installation, a success message will appear
  8. Close Firefox and re-open it
  9. Go to the Facebook login page and enter into your account
  10. Go to any FB status having stickers in its comment
  11. You will feel the magic as the stickers won’t be there


Facebook has every section of users. While some are fond of these stickers, others find them cluttering their comment box. Thus, they wish to keep them hidden. Aforementioned Facebook tips will help such users in getting rid of the stickers.