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Connect to the Big Sur Remote Management System

To connect is simple. You have 3 Options.


  1. Browser :
  2. Apple Device :
  3. Google Devices :

How to connect to a desktop on a browser IE Chrome, or Firefox.

Open a Browser and go to  : – Login with the username and passwrord that Big Sur Gave you. This is specific to your portal.



Once you have logged in, click on Desktops on the left, it will show you what desktops you have access to. When you see yoru desktop on the right. Click the computer icon. That’s the LogMeIn Icon. Also, on this screen if you look on the lower left there is a picture of a person, here you can change your password. If you have been given a temporary password here is where you can change it. PS you PC must be ON. If your computer is not on you will get a message telling you that Logmein cant connect.


Now once you click the Connect Icon, you will be presented with a Logon screen. This is just as if you were sitting in front of your keyboard at work. Anything you do will be visible from anyone looking at your screen.



Once you login correctly, click on the “Remote Control”




Now from here it will let you see the screen to login, hit the CTRL ALT Delete icon on the top of the screen if you need to. It all depends on how your PC was left.



When you see this, click “Login” and it should log you into yoru PC. You may need to hit switch user to get your name to appear.



You are now on your desktop at work.




On the top of the screen is an Options Button, click that and now you can Click Full Screen.


If you run into any issues, please let the helpdesk know @ (866) 520-6414