St. John’s Episcopal Church and School System

St. John's Episcopal Parish Day School

“Big Sur is our one – stop – shop for all of our technology needs. Prior solution providers didn’t even come close to what we needed, and always went over budget”

Jim Armstrong
Business Manager

Customer Challenge:

St. John’s Episcopal Church and School System provides academia from Pre-K through 8th Grade with an average enrollment of 500 students. St. John’s is located on 4 campus locations throughout South Tampa which requires an elaborate Wide Area Network configuration to connect the campuses to the central network infrastructure. Additionally, they needed to move their computer lab from its existing location to a newly constructed facility, plus implement a new server and internet access while remaining within a restricted budget. Due to this extensive deployment, a wide spread knowledge of Apple Mac OS, Microsoft Terminal Server, Microsoft 2003 Server, Cisco Intelligent Switching was required, Security Solutions and Hewlett Packard Rack Mount Server Solutions was key to the success of the project.

Recommended Solution:

St. John’s Episcopal Church is a Big Sur Technologies Net Care Agreement customer. Having a Big Sur Technologies Net Care Agreement allows St. John’s to receive a pre-negotiated reduced rate. This block of time can be used for any project where the customer needs assistance. Having the Net Care Agreement in place allowed St John’s to get Big Sur involved during all phases of their upcoming interconnecting project. Big Sur was the liaison between the vendors and St. John’s. By leveraging their existing Net Care Agreement St. John’s saved an average of $28,800 annually on out-sourced IT & Consulting fees. During the project Big Sur provided three high level engineers for system configuration, migration and implementation. The implementation phase interconnected all 4 campuses. The interconnect project brought St. John’s online; securely, seamlessly and all on one network.


Over the past 3 years, Big Sur has provided a seamless integration for all current and past projects, and provided onsite support for a multitude of technology needs, including:

  • Computer hardware and software purchases
  • Various On-Site Network Engineers
  • Various Desktop Support Engineers with both Mac & Windows knowledge
  • Hurricane Disaster Recovery
  • Voice & Data Consulting
  • Cisco based Firewall Installation
  • WAN Services based on the Microsoft Thin Client Terminal Server Solution
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